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Sindhuk Dish wash gel makes cleaning dishes and crockery easier than ever. It removes all the dirt and grease and provides a sparkling shine to the dishes. Sindhuk Dish wash gel is very easy to use and helps you clean dishes in no time.

About This Item:-

  • Sindhuk Dish wash gel makes all the dishes and utensils squeaky clean after the wash.
  • It is tough on stubborn stains and grime. The gel helps to remove the stickiness of oil on the utensils.
  • The dish wash gel is effective yet easy on the cookware. It may prevent scratches and any other kind of damage.
  • Lemon extracts in Sindhuk Dish Wash Gel might help to give the dishes a clean and sindhuk fragrance.
  • The dish wash gel is very easy to use. With only a few drops, the entire lot of dirty dishes can be cleaned.

Benefits of Sindhuk Lemon Power Dish Wash Gel :-


Sindhuk Dish wash gel thoroughly cleans dishes and utensils with just a few drops of the liquid gel.


It removes stubborn stains without much effort. The gel helps to clean dishes in no time.


Unlike a bar, it doesn’t leave any residue behind. The liquid gel easily blends with water.


The lemon scent in it helps comforting fragrance to utensils.

Why to Choose Sindhuk Lemon Power Dish Wash Gel :-

  • Tough on stains and grime -
    • This liquid gel can possibly remove all types of stubborn stains effortlessly.
  • Little goes a long way -
    • A small amount of this is required to clean all dishes at once.
  • Gives a sparkling shine to utensils -
    • It perfectly cleanses utensils and adds a beautiful shine.
  • May fight the stink of unwashed dishes -
    • This gel doesn’t only clean stains but also removes the foul smells from the dishes.
  • The product of a trusted FMCG brand -
    • Sindhuk Dish Wash Gel is a loved and trusted product of Sindhuk.

Marketed by : SINDHUK (House Hold Products) | REG NO: UAM WB13E0006134
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₹89.00 नियमित मूल्य
₹71.00बिक्री मूल्य
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